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Workplace Safety

Workplace safety

Do you work in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable? Is your work station positioned so you are not aware of people arriving at your office space? Or, are there any specific safety issues concerning you at work?  If so, contact WISE to have a workplace safety audit done.    

Further to the Community Safety Audits, WISE staff help consult with a variety of work settings from schoolboard offices, federal government executive offices, to hospital meeting rooms, to Umbudsman’s Offices.WISE can help advise on techniques and strategies that can help employees feel safer as they do their jobs. We have helped staff who were feeling threatened by colleagues, staff who felt vulnerable in one-on-one meetings with clients feeling stressed and upset and with women who reported being stalked by ex-partners and felt vulnerable in their work places.

If you are an employer, and would like to make the workplace safer for all staff, contact us.  We can work with you.  We can also work with individual employees to help devise strategies to maximize your personal safety while at work, getting to or leaving work.