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Valerie Collicott
Policy & Administrative Coordinator
Elsy David
Program Director

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WISE is Seeking Board Members

Women's Initiatives for Safer Environments (WISE) is recruiting new board members! If you're passionate about participating in your community in order to help end and prevent violence against women; and improve women's safety, please consider joining this cause.

WISE is in need of professionals to serve on our Board of Directors who meet monthly for two hours and are requested to join at least one of the committees listed below (which will have an additional committee meeting as required). The meetings are conducted in-person at our main office located at 205-211 Bronson, in the Bronson Centre. Board terms are a minimum of two years.

WISE is seeking professionals who can bring energy, enthusiasm, and support to our committees (Finance and Fundraising, Human Resources and Volunteer Management, Program Development, Communications). Experience and knowledge in law, fundraising, communications, human resources, and/or finance would be considered a great asset.

WISE is looking for dedicated members who will be accountable to the time commitment required for board meetings, committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting and any work needed to help move the organization forward. We're seeking credible individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of women and bring a positive change to the community.

This is a great opportunity for professionals who are passionate about what WISE stands for and what we're trying to accomplish. If interested, please contact Chloe Watt, Chair, at 613-262-1780, or send an email to info@wiseottawa.ca. Download the application form